Thursday, March 13, 2008

Einstein on the Bike

Some will say they had known it all along. The intelligentsia, the teachers of our teachers, the professors and the PhD's have long lost the plot. Now they even want to go back to the bicycle! What is wrong with them? Why can they not use the car like the rest? Yes, the bystanders will probably shake their head when the intellectual elite of this university comes together from all corners of the campus and wears their bicycle with pride during our weekly professorial ride. Join us and support us!
Our job on campus is to thinking, and establish truths, and our hope is that together, as a heterogeneous group called The Bicycle Academy, we can change some minds about the feasibility of the bicycle.
Books and Bicycles are perhaps the greatest achievements of humankind. Books are airplanes of the mind, and bicycles are the airplaces for the body. For books we do have libraries, and for the bicycles we have potholes. Now there is our work cut out for us.

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