Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Save the date: Bike Town Beta #1 Los Angeles- Westwood Village
Saturday October 25th, 2008 6pm-10pm
Boundaries: Wilshire, Galey, Westwood, and Le Conte

This could be the first Ciclovia in Los Angeles - See if you can find a better party: Its a humble announcement, but the buzz is there.

And just in time for the new Complete Streets Legislation, just signed, which gives bicycle traffic an entirely new basis in law -

Perhaps we are in for better bicycle times. But has UCLA moved? Has their bicycle department heard from you about access routes, about street surfaces in Westwood and about crossing the 405? What about the cemetery closed for national security? Or perhaps a charming bikepath right through Los Angeles Country Club, instead of Hell on Wilshire, every day.

Yes, much work remains to be done, and Bike Town Beta can be a joyful beginning for this work. But where to go if UCLA does not get around to implement its own bicycle masterplan? And actually improve access to the campus? What doors to knock on? Which phones to ring?

That's the big question. Too big for a few academic cyclists? Probably not. No.

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