Friday, May 6, 2016

It has two wheels, prevents obesity

It has two wheels, prevents obesity and helps with 2025 Carbon Neutral goal of UCLA Health

Now is a great time for physicians at UCLA Health to realize the full potential of the bicycle: For their patients AND for our environment. 

The UCLA Bicycle Academy says: Cycling is not just a hobby, one that many physicians share. Cycling can address the obesity epidemic, it can slow global warming, and it is fun. 

The Bicycle Academy asks: Where are the physicians who recognize the connection between health and environment and who would like to grasp the opportunity of the UC 2025 carbon neutral goals. Where are the physicians who want to embrace the bicycle as a way to prevent disease, to improve health, and to design their facilities with cyclists in mind.

In early June 2016 the Bicycle Academy will meet with Paul Watkins, CAO of the Santa Monica hospital, to talk about ways in which the Health System can better serve those who do not drive. To improve access and facilities for those who do not drive, we will suggest that all UC branded health facilities covered by a bicycle master plan.

But this conversation should also include the bicycle as medicine. If you want to offer "a ride with the doc," if you want to work with a educational "pharmacy" which could fulfill a prescription for cycling, if you would like set up a research program which evaluates the effectiveness bicycle interventions, if bicycle therapy can save money over alternative interventions, I think UCLA Health (and the UC Health Centers) are now ready to listen to you.

Together with Mark Needham MD (Faculty Practice Group), the Bicycle Academy looks forward to co-ordinate the voices from the medical community. 

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