Thursday, January 13, 2011

January Meeting Notes

The January meeting of the UCLA Bicycle Academy was held on 7 January at Lu Valle Commons. Special guests were the 2006 UCLA Bicycle Master Plan and Donald Shoup. Donald is Professor of Urban Planning with a special interest in transportation and parking. He is the author of The High Cost of Free Parking, a revolutionary study which is of great relevance for sustainable transportation advocates. He is also the editor of ACCESS Magazine, a publication from the UC Transportation Center (free subscriptions are available). The latest issue has a paper about Electric Two-Wheelers in China

Our other special guest, the 2006 UCLA Bicycle Master Plan presented itself in all its glory. 120 pages, ring bound, with many colour maps, tables and graphs, this is a veritable mine of information and good intentions. The plan was created by Sam Corbett, who now works for Alta Planning in San Diego. We have invited him to tell us about the plan at the February meeting. It was also resolved that those present will produce reviews of some the seven recommendations of the plan, comparing the language on the page with the reality on the ground
  • Improve Bicycle Accessibility to UCLA
  • Improve On-Campus Bicycle Accessibility
  • Improve Bicycle Parking at UCLA
  • Offer Incentives to Bicycle to Campus
  • Campus Bicycle Regulations  
  • Bicycle Safety and Education 
  • Bicycle Marketing
The "reviews" will appear on this blog. Some slots still open, please get in touch if you are interested in a particular topic and want to share your reading notes with the group 
Also present (apart from the usual suspects) were four apologies (one dentist, one vet, two conflicts). If all goes well we will need two tables for the next meeting on the 4th of Ferbruary. Spread the word !

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